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To ensure safe and reliable performance of combustion equipment a number of parameters must be closely monitored. The autoflame system is designed to work with a variety of sensor to monitor the safe operation of the plant.

Ultra Violet scanners are traditionally used to prove the presence of a flame. The Autoflame MM controller incorporates a patented technology to prolong the life time of UV cells. More recently Infra read sensors have also been introduced, enabling the system to see flames where steam oil atomization is used.

Air pressure sensors accurately track the combustion air pressure throughout the burner firing range. Unlike a traditional air pressure switch, where using an Autoflame air pressure sensor failures will be detected and the burner turned off when the gas pressure drops away from the commissioned value slightly.

Fuel pressure sensors can be used to monitor fuel delivery pressures. The autoflame gas pressure sensor enables Autoflame’s gas valve proving system - used to ensure the integrity of gas valves and a statutory requirement in many countries.

Should you wish to discuss in further detail specific sensors for your Autoflame application, please contact a member of the Blue Flame technical sales team.