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Burner Control
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Mk7 Evolution MM

Mini Mk7 Evolution MM

Maximum efficiency and reduced emissions through improved control

Autoflame burner controls enable users to achieve significant fuel and emission savings over conventional systems. Typically fuel savings of 8-12% are seen where replacing linkage control systems, with some users reporting even greater savings.

Precise control of air and fuel

Using high precision directly coupled servomotors, the Autoflame MM system enables the position of fuel valves and air dampers to be precisely controlled to 0.10 accuracy, ensuring combustion efficiency is optimized at all firing rates. Reduced electrical consumption and further improvements in combustion control can be achieved through the use of variable frequency drives controlled through dedicated channels within the MM controller.

Reliably satisfying plant demand

Employing a sophisticated PID philosophy, the burners firing rate is modulated to satisfy plant demand. Regardless of your load requirements the system can be set up to respond quickly and effectively.

Optimal combustion performance maintained through three parameter trim

Where coupled with an Exhaust gas analyzer, all Autoflame burner controls will carry out three parameter combustion air trim. The system will make minor adjustments to the combustion air damper or variable speed drive controlling a forced draft fan to counteract the reductions in efficiency caused by variations in barometric conditions, stack pressure etc.

Simple and intuitive user interface

Built with end users in mind, Autoflame controls are simple and straightforward to use. All MM controls employ a simple intuitive user interface with clear backlit LCD displays and can easily be monitored and controlled through building management systems.

Setting the benchmark for safe and reliable operation

Incorporating a host of innovative and rigorous safety features, Autoflame MM systems can be depended upon to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your boiler plant. We work closely with the relevant bodies to ensure that our controls not only comply with, but exceed the requirements of the relevant industry approvals.