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Mk7 Evolution MM

7 Channel with flame safeguard control

Product Code
•Independently controlled fuel and air positioning motors with an accuracy of 0.1 of an angular degree.
•4 separate fuel curves
•4 dedicated Servo drives
•2 dedicated variable speed drives.
•Selectable trim channel (damper or vsd).
•Error diagnostic codes displayed.
•Single point change facility for commissioned fuel/air ratio.
•User definable optimum ignition position.
•FGR Management, delay from start-up to enable FGR until flue gas temp., boiler setpoint or time delay achieved. Boiler Control Box Functions
•Full flame supervision with UV self-check for continuous operation, patented self adaptive UV amplification.
•Burner Control Functions with user configurable timings.
•Gas Valve proving system with on-line pressure supervision.
•Oil pressure monitoring and display with limit checks.
•Air windbox pressure proving - display and supervision.
•Lockout history of last 16 incidents with date, time, function &reset.
•Burner Control Functions (Flame safeguard) selectable. Setpoint Control Features
•Internal 3 term PID control to required setpoint for both pressure and temperature.
•Software adjustable thermostat/pressure stat facility.
•Second setpoint user adjustable.
•Time clock facility, reduced setpoint and off modes.
•Outside temperature compensation
•Intelligent Boiler Sequencing for both steam & hot water.
•Intelligent Boiler Sequencing for low pressure steam.
•Fuel Flow Metering - instantaneous and totalised.
•Hand/Auto/Low flame hold facilities.
•4-20 mA input for external load control.
•4-20 mA output of firing rate.
•Twin burner and multi burner control capability. User Features
•Password protection, user configurable options and parameters.
•IR coms port for upload/download of commissioned data
•All systems data exports via gateway (Modbus).
•Internal calendar clock display and logging functions.

Part Number                                               MM70001/E
Power Supply                                             230V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Ambient Temperature Limits                     +5 C to +40 C
Environmental Rating                                 IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure with panel facia mounting

Up to 6 x 4-20mA Output Signals Available
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