The M2G is an intelligent boiler load optimisation controller that improves the efficiency of each individual boiler, Over 7,500 M2Gs installed to date,  Copyright © 2014 BlueFlame LLC All Rights Reserved
The M2G is an intelligent control system for commercial heating systems. It is proven to reduce energy and carbon emissions
typically by between 10% and 25% with pay back in under 2 years. Many blue chip organisations are using M2G as part of their
energy efficiency strategy. Nationwide project management and installation are provided and each M2G has a 5 year warranty.
Sabien’s M2G is an intelligent boiler load optimisation control that eliminates boiler dry cycling, an inherent problem with the
majority of commercial and industrial boilers of any age or size.
-M2G integrates with existing controls to add a new level of control, without altering set points or interfering with existing control
-M2G improves the energy efficiency of each individual boiler
-M2G is proven to reduce gas consumption and CO2 emissions by between 10% and 25% Typical paybacks are between 6 months
and 2 years
-M2G can be retrofitted to existing boilers, or installed with new boilers
-M2G can be transferred from old to new boilers during plant upgrades
-M2G integrates and complements existing controls, including Building Management Systems (BMS), variable temperature control,
weather compensation, sequencing and on-demand control.
-M2G is compatible with natural gas, oil and LPG fired boilers and with heating systems with constant and variable temperature
-M2G requires no maintenance or seasonal calibration
-M2G has a European Patent (1607820)
-M2G is manufactured in the UK within ISO9001 approved facilities
-M2G is backed by a 5 year warranty
All boilers waste heat, even modern boilers, This is known as " Standing losses".
Boilers often fire to recover these standing losses only.
This is known as "boiler dry cycling".
M2G boiler load optimisation