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Limpsfield  LC Burners
Manufactured in house industrial/commercial dual and single fuel burners. We offer extensive experience in commissioning and reducing O2
levels in combustion in firetube, watertube and furnace applications. The burner is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel usage
and the carbon footprint
Limpsfield Burners are of an industrial forced draught design, suitable for alternative or simultaneous firing of gaseous and mineral fuel oils.
The unique forced draught combustion design distributes the combustion air at the burner head so that combustion is maximized at all times
ensuring that all fuel is burnt safely whilst maintaining stable combustion and flame geometry throughout the burner firing range, resulting in
efficient combustion, excellent reliability and all the time, maximizing safety.

Limpsfield industrial burners are guaranteed with 3% O2 emissions when firing gas, while producing
negligible CO, and with a maximized efficiency.

Limpsfield burners provide high turndowns typically between 4:1 and 10:1. This turn down is established by using a split gas head or a spider
head. The split gas head can be used on most applications and provides excellent mixing to maintain good combustion throughout the firing
The unique spider head assembly offers the user high turn down ratios. It was initially designed to be fired when using fuels with high burning
velocities such as Propane or Hydrogen. Unlike the split head, the fuel is introduced after the diffuser plate enabling the flame to establish
good retention whilst maintaining excellent mixing.
Limpsfield will design and engineer the correct solution to suit your application.
A selection of successful applications have been listed below:
       - Change over on the fly between fuels (no boiler down time between fuel change over)
       - Multi-fuel firing
       - Burning waste stream fuels
       - Combined firing of waste stream fuels with a primary fuel
       - Six fuels through one burner without hardware changes
       - We also offer a steam or air atomizing oil lance assembly
       - Hydrogen
       - Propane
       - No. 6 Oil with, or without Low NOx
       - No. 4 Oil with, or without Low NOx
       - Methanol
       - Isopropanol
       - Toluene
       - Bio Gas
       - Bio Gas / Natural Gas blends
       - Tallow
       - Waste Alcohol simultaneous firing with Natural gas or No. 2 oil.
       - Stainless steel applications
       - High temperature applications
We have engineered projects for many more fuels and applications.
Limpsfield offers a total engineered solution to meet the site application and specification with high performance O2 levels and Low Nox if