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Exhaust Gas Analysis

The Autoflame Exhaust Gas Analyser, EGA, has been designed to be a cost effective, low maintenance analyser specifically for boiler applications. Developed over 20 years, the E.G.A system, measures O2, CO, CO2 and NO as standard with additional upgrades enabling the measurement of SO2 and NO2. Through its innovative user interface the analyser will clearly display its operational status, alarm conditions and when it is scheduled to be serviced.

When combined with an Autoflame burner control, the system can be set up to carry out combustion air trim. Using an innovative three parameter system to monitor O2, CO2 and CO emissions simultaneously, the system will make minor adjustments to the air damper or variable speed drive controlling the delivery of combustion air to maintain the as commissioned optimum performance. Variations in combustion characteristics and the corresponding reduction in combustion efficiency caused by changes in barometric conditions, stack pressure, fuel pressure etc. can be completely counteracted. Fuel savings in the region of 2-4% are typical, with higher savings seen on a number of applications.

The EGA has been used at the heart of a number of innovative emissions monitoring solutions. Systems have been set up to monitor alarm, and in some cases shut down a burner whenever NOx or CO emissions exceed required levels. Where used in conjunction with an Autoflame data transfer interface, users have been able to carry out continuous emissions monitoring, logging historical data to satisfy local statutory requirements. The latest developments of the EGA product line include revisions to include a touchscreen user interface and MCERTS approval.

To learn more about the benefits of installing an Autoflame EGA on your boiler, please contact a member of Blue Flame's technical sales team.