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Data Monitoring & Collection

Remote monitoring and control of your boiler room can be achieved simply by using autoflame’s data transfer interface unit. Designed to integrate easily with all common building management systems the DTI can collect information from up to 10 MM burner controls. Analogue and Digital input output boards can be connected with the DTI to enable complete remote control of pumps, boosters, valves or any other boiler room plant that you may wish to control remotely.

Mk.7 Data Transfer Interface (D.T.I.)

Gateway for communicating with the Autoflame range of products
Collects and stores information from up to:  

          10 x M.M. units
          10 x E.G.A.'s
          10 x I/O modules                             
Information gathered from these units are available through either an Ethernet or RS422 connection
Information gathered by the D.T.I. can be viewed over a Local Area Network, or oven an internet connection
Data collection/monitoring can be done either via Modbus, or by using the included Autoflame CEMS Auditing Software

To learn more about the data transfer interface and the autoflame systems communications capabilities, please contact a member of the Blue Flame technical sales team.